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Welcome to Pine Terrace Motel and Resort, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.

As a guest at our resort, you will have access to countless outdoor activities. During the warmer months you can fish, hike, kayak, and canoe. In autumn, come and be dazzled by the spectacular colors of fall foliage season. During winter, ride a snow mobile, explore the winter beauty of the Adirondacks on snowshoes or by hiking the countless trails, or take up the challenge of ice fishing.

Whatever you choose to do outdoors, or if you elect to enjoy the amenities of our warm and inviting cabins, we are sure your time with us will be satisfying.

All of us at Pine Terrace Motel and Resort extend a warm invitation to you. We look forward to your visit, no matter what time of the year!

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